I’m beyond irritated about all of the Facebook status’ lately where people are whining about depression.  I do think that depression is an issue with people and those people remain or become introverted and don’t “brag” about it.  I feel sadness and pain for people who suffer from manic depression or just a simple “can not get out of bed” syndrome.  However, making a Facebook post telling people that others don’t “understand” doesn’t make you look like your depressed and dealing with difficult things; it makes you look needy, attention seeking.  Sure, I’ve been down in the dumps, not knowing which direction in my life I’m going.  I’ve even wondered how the ones close to me would react if I was no longer living.  I’ve wanted to stop everything in my life and just give up but did I?  No.  I didn’t bitch to people about it on Facebook and make people feel sorry about me and my issues.  I confided in ONE person and that person simply told me to keep my head up.  Who knows if it was depression or just a pity party.  Regardless, I think that when you seek the attention of the hundreds of people you DO NOT know on Facebook and tell them to accept that your depressed; you just need a good slap and a reality check.  Who know’s, maybe I’m wrong but it’s just my opinion.  I know I’d be a pretty shitty shrink though because if one of these 18 year old drama queens came into my office saying how depressed they are because their boyfriend keeps cheating on them and they keep taking them back, I’d tell her to either grow a set and drop his ass or get out of my office.  
Depression, in my opinion is when you have absolutely nothing to live for.  You have no family, no friends, no love.  Depression is dirt broke, holding a sign and asking for dimes.  Depression is digging in a dumpster to feed yourself once every 3 days.  Depression is loosing a child or loved one.  Depression is abuse both physical or mental.  Depression is betrayal.  Depression is 1929.  Depression, however, is NOT a “look at me, I’m depressed” illness.

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