The Voice

I watched the first season last year and fell in love with the concept of the show; it’s way better than that American Idol crap.  I rooted for Jeff Jenkins and seriously cried when he didn’t win.  He has an absolutely beautiful voice and I know that he’ll go far!
This year is going to be just as exciting as last.  After the first two episodes this week, I just have to say that I shamelessly and honestly want to punch Christina Aguilera in the face.  She thinks she’s being funny but she’s insanely annoying. I do think that she used to be decent, she had her shit together and pushed out some amazing music.  Now, she’s just two balloons stuffed in latex and is trying as hard as she can to be the sluttiest looking prostitute on television.  Don’t let me forget to tell you that when the contestants sing she’s all waiving her hands with no rhythm or feeling whatsoever, it’s all erratic-like.  ANYONE would have been better than her. 
Aside from my irritation of “Xtina;” the show is very promising.  As of this moment Juliet Simms is my favorite.  She’s from the band Automatic Loveletter, I saw them three years ago at Warped Tour and fell in love with her voice.  Check out her video:

she gives me a headache

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