Drinking Downfall.

I’m not a typical 22 year old drinker.  I don’t much favor the party scene or the forgetful mornings but I do enjoy letting loose and having some fun.  I suppose if I had to; I’d classify myself as a “social gathering” drinker.  But on with my story..  We went to the Gym Class Hero’s and T-Pain concert on Saturday at the Venue and it was AMAZING!!!  It was a really fun concert and a completely different scene than what I’m used to.  I’m probably a sheltered person because I’ve never been to a club [which the Hub is] and was honestly kind of amazed at how crazy and cool it is on the inside.  Chann was the sober driver which was something completely new for him because I’m usually the one with the keys but it was nice that he did that for me.  I had quite a bit to drink and after a few hours we decided to head back to the hotel.  I had him stop at a gas station because I had to use the restroom and somehow I fell flat, hard, and fast.  I know I fell and I know how terrible it felt but I just can’t understand how it happened.  Channing said it was off of the curb on to the cement but that part just didn’t seem to stick with me.  Anyways my right knee is hurting like a bitch right now.  This is just a good reminder as to why I limit my nights out because I’m accident prone and I hate more than anything not to be able to remember every second of the night.  
Ir feels so much worse than it looks.

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