Girls Day.

Our girls day went wonderful.  We shopped our hearts out and didn’t stop until the stress of life was gone.  Clothes galore filled my mom’s trunk once we were finished and we ended the day with a spa pedicure and mini manis.  Even though the blustery ice filled snow soaked roads where a pain in the ass; it didn’t stop us!  We dined at Red Lobster [which neither of us had been to] and it was divine!  Mom got some kind of stuffed fish and wasn’t overly satisfied with it because it tasted “like fish smell” but with the appetizer, cheesy biscuits, and side salad we were full in no time!  I ordered the Canadian Walleye; wish I could have that every day.  Next time we decided it’ll have to be an entire weekend thing because there defiantly wasn’t enough time in the day.  I guess I’ll just have to go back next weekend to do it all over again!

Although our Girls Day was great, the ride home sucked beyond suck can suck.  We left around 7:50 and got home a little around 10:15 which is usually an hour drive tops on any regular day.  For the most part our drive was roughly 25 miles an hour and we had to slow down to 10 when it was really bad.  Seriously, if winter would have just come 5 months ago when it was scheduled maybe we’d be used to this grossness.  
mine look exactly like this, i just can’t take good feet pictures 🙂

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