Paul Klein.

My angry FB post of the week:

“To ANYONE that goes to Sanford in Thief River: DO NOT go to Dr. Paul Klein.  He is a total and complete condescending asshole, does not give an ounce of empathy for patients, and has zero appreciation for his profession.”

I was mistaken, he’s a Nurse Practitioner not a Doctor.  He might as well be a Doctor because historically many nurses are more empathetic and have a kinder care giving style than doctors that hurry in and out.  This guy was probably the biggest douche bag I’ve come across in years.
Channing went to Urgent Care today once I got off of work because he’s been having a few issues lately that we want to get sorted out.  He’s been very fatigued regardless of the amount of sleep he gets, no appetite, irritable, tunnel vision, wheezy feelings in his stomach, headaches/dizziness, high blood pressure, and a few more that we’ve been writing down.  This NP comes in and the first thing he says is “Why did you come to Urgent Care 15 minutes before we close?”  Um, excuse me why can’t he at least introduce himself?  Number one, we had been there since I got off work at 5 but waited in line because the receptionist didn’t know what she was doing.  Number two, Channing wanted me to be with him because he’s been really nervous with everything going on lately and is they kind of person that will not go to the doctor unless he needs to.  Number three, when Channing called earlier in the day to make an appointment; the receptionist told him that he was better off coming in through Urgent Care.  We told him all of these reasons but “that’s not good enough.”  He than continued to drill Chann on why he didn’t have a regular doctor and did he really think it was “necessary” to come in 15 MINUTES BEFORE THEY CLOSE. Seriously, fuck you.  He wouldn’t drop it.  Instead of bitching Channing out on why he “sat around all day ‘thinking’ of symptoms” he could have listened rather than interrupting and at the very least had Channing make an appointment for tomorrow for labs or blood work.  
We sat and listened to him freak out for a total of 10 minutes or so than Channing got up and walked out; I followed suit.  If anyone knows Channing, they know that he has a temper and honest to God; I’m surprised he didn’t punch him in the face because I would never dare talk to Channing in the tone and way he spoke.  It was terrible.  Needless to say, I will be calling Sanford tomorrow and writing a complaint letter.

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