New You Three.

So far, March has been difficult.  I don’t have a reason or excuse; I just need a kick in the ass and to be put back on track.  I have an appointment tomorrow with a trainer at the gym to sign up and I think that’ll make a huge difference and HOPEFULLY will be a turning point in my New You, New Year lifestyle.
New You March Resolutions:
1 – Join a gym
2 – Stop buying food at work
3 – Make candy/chips a “treat”
I’m a little late on this months list; I should make being on time a resolution!  I must say that February’s list was pretty challenging but I’m still doing everything that I can to keep on track.  My largest challenge has been trying to cut out my Mountain Dew addiction.  Throughout last month tons of overtime and early morning Saturdays took up a majority of my time which led to dose after dose of caffeine.  When I look back on the month, I went more days without pop than I did with pop but it still is disappointing knowing that I couldn’t stick to it as much as I had wished.  However, I’ve been doing great with eating breakfast at home and incorporating more fruits and vegis into my diet.  I’m also doing awesome with January’s goals as well!  I don’t weigh myself as I’ve learned through the giant yo-yo of life that it’s more depressing than anything to not see a scale move and if it does; it tends to be up rather than down.  BUT, I have noticed that I feel alot better about myself and have had way more energy, especially in the morning!

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