New You Update.

On one hand going to the gym is refreshing and stress relieving but on another it’s embarrassing and difficult. I’ve been going to the gym Monday through Thursday since the 8th and although I’m proud of myself for the commitment, I can’t help but look at those around me.  I feel as though I’m one of the worst hypocrites in this setting because I worry to death about what people are thinking of my ishy looking body on the elliptical but at the same time I think of how much I loath the skinny bitches going nine miles an hour on the treadmill.  I think my issue lies from my adolescent and teen years being teased by the popular, athletic girls who have always been so fit and confident in what they look like.  Nevertheless, I’m going to continue my routine each weekday and try to better my mental criticisms due to my own self-esteem.  After all, New You is about becoming a better you and I’m determined to do so.

2 thoughts on “New You Update.

  1. Ori, I am so proud of you! I know the feeling! I have gained a lot of weight during nursing school and I feel like a hypocrite because i am telling people to be healthy when i am at my most unhealthy. And I feel horrid in anything but stretchy sweat pants. It's hard to endure your own self-confidence in an environment like the gym that usually houses fit people. Don't worry about what they think because all that matters is that you are getting healthy! Good Job Ori! Keep up the good work! Commitment is half the battle!

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