Today is a new day and new things have come to the surface.  Although they are good things that take a tremendous amount of time, they are positive in more ways than one.  I think I’m going to limit my posts about what’s going “on” and try to invest my thought process into something different such as friends and self improvement.  Everything in life takes time and every opportunity good or bad happens for a reason.  All I will say for the time being is we are apart and will stay apart for now.  We have a mutual understanding that certain aspects of our lives together or apart need to change and the changes need to be permanent if our relationship were to ever have a sense of hope.  I’m sure I will update my blog on this issue but it won’t be for awhile as I’m only going to involve myself in my decisions.  I am fully aware that other peoples personal experiences with the same types of issues have ended or blossomed in certain ways but every single situation is different just as no fingerprint is the same.  I respect and will listen to all comments, opinions, and life experiences but ultimately this is my life and I am in charge of how I run it.  I do hope that my family especially will support my decisions on whichever path is chosen and when I say support or respect I mean to be genuinely happy for my life without the need to say negative or hurtful things.  Frankly, I do not know where this will lead, I honestly don’t.  That is why God invented time.

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