Oh Baby.

My brother Logan brought home his Baby-Think-It-Over for health class this weekend.  Man, oh man is that boy not going to get a good grade.  I’ve worked in childcare before through a center as well as just growing up and believe me; I love children but this baby has seriously been crying off and on for the entire weekend.  I’m pretty sure if he picked it up and maybe changed it’s diaper or fed it once in a while, it might calm down a little bit but he’s proving to me that he will NEVER be left alone with his future nieces or nephews! Hey Logan, it’s 6:23 and your baby is crying!
I’ve also learned through this experience that the school hasn’t talked about sex or had any type of sex education throughout this course.  For some reason I thought that it would be required.  Just taking a plastic baby home over the weekend isn’t going to help the “kids” from abstaining from intercourse.  The way the world and entertainment business portray sex nowadays; teenagers are doing it earlier and earlier than they should.  Honestly at 14 years old I wasn’t even thinking about the male anatomy and I most defiantly wasn’t helping my classmate to plan a baby shower.  Ridiculousness.

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