I admit, I might have more pet peeves than the average person but the one that grates my nerves the most are the people who can’t spell; who REFUSE to spell correctly.  Do you seriously think that “dolfin” looks right?  It doesn’t.  How about “laph?” No, dumbass.  I’ve been noticing this more and more lately on Facebook and I bite my tongue every single time.  I want to be the douche and comment using asterisks but I don’t feel like having a bunch of 25 year old, 3rd grade equivalent juveniles having bitch fits.  On top of all this, what is with using the following as words: itz, cuz, boi, funni, imma, hellz, duz.  Just because you think you’re as black as Snoop Doggy Dogg doesn’t mean that you need to spell as retarded as he speaks.  Go back to school or jump off a bridge, simple as that. 

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