I’m not always politically correct nor have I read the Bible in its entirety but I do have an opinion on the ever so popular Civil Rights epidemic of our country.  I really don’t give a rats ass what sexual orientation a person is, if someone is in love why can’t they be together in public without a gawking crowd full of whispers behind them?  Why shouldn’t they be adored while walking down the aisle to get married?  Why is this an issue, homophobic much?  I saw a throw-down on Facebook last week where someone had quoted a Bible verse from Leviticus mentioning about how a man laying with another man is an abomination.  The Bible is old, we are new.  The Bible was, in my opinion, primarily written by men who have translated what they’ve heard or seen.  Number one, I know that our generation isn’t the only one in the history of man that “exaggeration” has been an issue. Number two, even though I haven’t read the whole Bible, I don’t recall ever hearing about a sin where a woman lies with another woman?  Now, if I’m wrong that’s fine.  Just from the knowledge I have about the Bible I find it strange that a man with a man is wrong but it’s okay for a woman to lie with both men and women? I wonder if it is at all related to our current society where men enjoy watching woman together; turns their dicks into rocks.  Now, with my tangent over, I just want to get across that there really should be no issue with this gay rights shit going on.  I personally know of more than one gay couple that are 300% happier than many straight couples.  The gay/lesbian/bi people that I do know are thankfully strong enough to push through the stares and awkward questions and be happy with the life they are living. I support the LGBT community with my entire soul and heart, they are people too and shouldn’t be discriminated in any way.  My biggest issue with this is not understanding why this is a problem in our country.  Did you know Leviticus also says that after giving birth to a baby girl, a woman isn’t allowed to enter a sanctuary for 66 days? Or how eating a grasshopper is okay but a rabbit is not? How about the fact that it’s okay to buy slaves as long as they are from neighboring nations?  We as a society have over the years become accustomed to picking and choosing what we want to believe in the Bible.  All the defenders and preachers have so much to say about how we should live when they, themselves have broken hundreds of Bibles laws.  I don’t always feel proud to be an American when this is what is all over TV, Facebook, and the newspapers.  Free country my ass.

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