Initially I started blogging to share my opinions and views with the world and it’s ever so obnoxious issues.  I started it because I was tired of having everyone against me on Facebook, slamming everything I had to say.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion and honestly most of my past posts in the Facebook world were just opinions.  I’m not much on research or getting every single fact straight, but I judge and base opinions just like a large majority of Americans do; I base them from what I see and hear.  Granted, I don’t like to be wrong so yes I do some research but I don’t dig myself a hole into 15,000 news articles to get the facts lined up just right.   Regardless of all of that, I did just start blogging to say what I had to say but as you can see, it hasn’t really turned out like that.  I do try to blog about certain opinions I may have but I’ve more so found this to be a journal per se.  I think the main reason this has turned more into an online diary is because I don’t feel that I really have an outlet in life to say what I need to say.  Sure, I have friends and family but I don’t really have a “best friend” anymore.  I don’t have a family member that will keep what is said between us and can give me an honest opinion without being one hundred percent biased.  I do have people that I vent to; family and friends. However, I do not have someone like myself in my own life.  I tend to be the person than anyone and everyone can let steam off of.  People come to me to vent, for opinions, advice, and knowledge.  I’m a go-to girl and I love it.  I appreciate more than anything that people trust me with their hearts and can open up to me.  I give my opinions about every situation but I also take into account of the most recent events.  I sympathize but I also tell each person what they need to hear without making the person wish they hadn’t told me anything.  That’s what I find myself getting into.  The people I confide in do one of two things if not both: go run and tell the rest of the family and extended family and bitch about me so everyone has a negative view rather than being a trusted person, or they know the answer they are going to give me before I even open my mouth. It’s beyond frustrating and even though I don’t know who actually reads my posts and I very rarely get a comment or review; I find posting a type of therapy.  I might not get feedback but I always feel better to get it out and off of my chest.  So thank you to those of you who do read and if this is just me writing to myself, well so be it. 🙂

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