Photog Revamp.

Even though I have SO much going on that it’s literally un-explainable and a part of just about every aspect of my life; I am going to try work more with photography.  I’ve always had a love for the past time but I’m not one of those people who go around saying that I’m a photographer.  Because I’m not.  I, of course would love to think that I am wonderful at it and do the most amazing work ever but I know that I’m not.  I do think that I have an eye for certain things but I’m not as fluent in the editing world as I’d like to be.  In fixing that I have come up with a short list of ‘can-dos’ that are simple and easily achieved.  I’m choosing to incorporate this into my daily routine in replace of New You because for me this is more of a relaxer than anything.
1 – Take A Picture Every Day
2 – Make A Facebook Page For Display
3 – Purchase Photoshop & LEARN
4 – Use Photos That I’ve Taken From Now On In My Blog
Sound like an okay list? Hope so!

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