Out Of Order.

I’m temporarily blocking my blog because there seems to be a small portion of people who have an issue with freedom of speech. I don’t mind sharing what I have to say with the world.  If I’m upset, happy, hurt, irritated, joyful; I want people to know.  I have nothing to hide.  I do limit what I post about certain aspects of my life but I usually give a generalization of the touchy topics.  No, I don’t think everyone needs to know every thing about every situation and that’s why I don’t post certain events.  But to hell with you if you’re going to stop me from using one of the few freedoms we have as Americans to use semi-freely.  If a person can not handle what I have to say or matter of fact the truth; than don’t read it.  People tend to put themselves in a little bubble believing what they want to.  Taking the good pieces only and turning it into a reality of their own rather than acknowledging that bad things to happen to good people.  Maybe if the people who have an issue with my blog tried blogging for themselves they would see it as a release from stress.  I’d much rather blog than drink my sorrows away.  Go ahead and gossip to your family and friends about how terrible it is that I post blogs about my life.  What’s the difference; me letting the world know that this is going on or you bitching about it?  Either way you’re in the loop so what’s the problem?  Also, everyone tends to choose sides before the entirety of situations are out, which is the case in this little fit that everyone’s having.  An incorrect side was chosen based on biased events and an unforgettable past. 

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