Money Honey.

Money is hard to come by these days.  I just got my internet connected today and checked out my bank account which I’ve neglected for the past few hectic months.  I keep track of everything in my ledger that I carry with me but I’ve always liked to double check online.  Turns out I forgot to subtract a months worth of rent way back in the November/December area.  Our previous landlord never cashed checks [probably because he’s a millionaire] so than when he does it’s like a gigantic lump sum.  Well, I’m off by about $313 and rent was $300 so I’m pretty disappointed in my lack of configuring that.  Thank the good Lord that my deposit for this new place hasn’t been cashed.  I’m thinking they hold on to it or put it in an escrow until my lease is up which is good for me since I currently have no way of getting additional funds.  If they happen to cash it, I’ll be in the hole about 300 some doll hairs.  Ugh.  Time to start [second] job hunting.  On a pessimistic note, this is just one more depressing thing to add to my ever growing list of “Life Sucks.”

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