A word I’d love to remove from the mouths of the human race.  It’s disgusting and painful.  Abortion is murder, you can’t argue with me on that. I dare you to try, the result will be a punch in both the throat and vagina. Abortion is a selfish, inconsiderate, disgraceful thing for anyone to even have cross their minds in any type of decision making.  It was a choice to drop your pants, live with the consequence.  And by the way a child shouldn’t be a consequence; if it is than adoption is an alternative to your selfishness.  I also know that rape is a terrible terrible thing.  It’s traumatic and beyond horrific but everything does happen for a reason even if it’s hard to see it.  Those raped should be given sympathy but abortion still shouldn’t be a choice.  That child was conceived for a reason even if the circumstances were terrible. Regardless of your faith or lack there of, life is a gift and should never be terminated no matter the size.  We have prisons in this world for a reason and if someone can be sentenced to serve time for rape, violence, and drugs than abortion should fall into a high class of murder. 

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