This week has been intense.  I’ve been busy every day [which is a first in a long time].  I’ve enjoyed it, it’s kept me away from laying on the couch watching Hulu and dwelling in my pity party feelings every night.  I took on an additional job within my current job called After-Hours.  It is what is sounds like.  Since Monday morning at 8:00AM until next Monday at 5:00PM, I’ll be technically working 24 hours a day.  I worked the regular 8-5 but am on-call each night until the following morning for post-accident drug tests.  I’ve gotten quite a few calls but only had to go to a couple places.  In addition to that I hung out with a good friend, Alexa a few nights ago.  I’ve missed her, she’s a really great person and is wiser than many at her age.  I need to seriously make a point of seeing her and other friends more often because it makes me feel better about my life and I feel much more motivated about certain aspects in my life when I’m able to talk about things out loud. I’ve also made a big dent his week in the bedroom, finally starting to put things away and re-arrange it.  The bedroom is my last thing to concur in my recent move.  I hate unpacking.  I’ve figured out my finances, applied at a few places for part-time jobs, made an appointment for Boomer [the cat] to get shots, and so many other things.  It probably doesn’t sound like too much but it is for me because I’ve put myself in a little hobbit hole for so long that I honestly haven’t done much of anything for a long time.

A lil’ something from GSN for such a busy week!

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