Because I’ve been confined to my TV-less poor apartment, I’ve discovered a new TV show on Hulu.  It’s called Switched At Birth and on ABC Family.  It’s a really great series about two girls who were literally switched at birth by mistake and grew up not knowing until age 16.  One was raised in a higher class community and the other has been deaf since a very young age due to a case of meningitis.  The most uplifting part of this show is the communication and love that everyone has for each other even if it’s hard to see at times.  I love that this show is something out of the ordinary; we are able to see a glimpse in the world of people and families who are hard of hearing or completely without.  They use American Sign Language throughout every show and as the series goes forward more and more people within the family and community also learn it to help incorporate everyone into the lives they live.  I took sign language as a Summer school class in Elementary and loved it, I loved being able to communicate without using voice.  My favorite to this day is: “I love you.”  I think I might try to find a class around the area that offers it, since I probably won’t go to Spain or France in my near future; it would be incredibly eye opening to meet and/or be around someone whose communication is primarily through hands and the reading of lips. 

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