Welcome Back Thanks To Mac!

I survived my short drought without a PC so I thought I might as well make my comeback with a bang! Oh how I loved my Sony Vaio; I had it for nearly five years and it just decided to give out a few weeks ago.  Why not upgrade?  I’ve heard so many unbelievably amazing things about Apple so my first Apple product might as well be a MacBook Air, right?  I’m not going to lie, when I was leaving Best Buy I wanted to jump up and down with excitement but I played it cool.  I plan on posting quite a bit this week since I have a few pent up things in my head.  I’m absolutely loving this Mac though, I gotta give props to the Tech that helped me at Best Buy.  I found that asking the Geek Squad is much more beneficial than the sales associates as they are only trying to make a buck.  
Check it out!
P.S. This MacBook Air was $1300 regular but was on clearance for $1050 as the newest version just came out.  Plus I talked the associate down an additional 20% so I only ended up paying $840 before all the additional jib jab software that I needed.  Pretty good deal.

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