Dear God.

Thank you for the help, love, and perseverance this week. I don’t often remember to pray thanking you for my life, friends, and family.  I don’t make the time to throw you a graceful gesture as I should.  But I know you’re there, you’ve never left.  That’s your job, you take care of us even when we least deserve it.  I have an issue with church, there are so many things that have changed in the Catholic faith that I can’t grasp.  Why do certain things change, but others not? Who decided that? Regardless of the lack of church that I attend, regardless of the prayers that aren’t sent, and the appreciation I tend to forget – I love, respect, admire, and cherish the fact that you ARE. You always have been and always will be in my heart and I know that without you, I’d probably not have made it to where I am today.
Please bless my family, friends, life, health, and love. 

P.S. To the Angels: Please say “Hi” to Grandpa Jim, Gummie, Great Grandma Elsie, Brady, and everyone else that has been in my dreams lately.

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