Something New.

This week has been full of irritation, excitement, and new adventures.  I’ve accepted a new job and potential career at the local newspaper.  It’s local for us but it spans an entire five state area making it an enormous information basis.  I will be starting on October 2nd and am very excited.  In obtaining this I given my two-weeks notice to the daycare of which I’ve only been back working a month and a half.  No one said anything and I’m okay with that.  I do feel terrible though because I was given the job as I’d left a year and a half ago as a Lead Teacher.  I love the kids, I really do but I can’t honestly survive on $9.00 an hour.  Just not happening.  This is perfect timing as well for a few different reasons.  As you know, I’ve been accepted into UND and am on the chopping block on which direction to head.  Being at the daycare it was a given – GO BACK TO COLLEGE.  But I’m currently being faced with a potential and amazing career path that suits many of the desires that I have on a professional basis.  School will still be on a platter next to my bed but I need to weigh my life goals both personally and professionally.  Starting a new career now can help me become more financially stable and in turn I will ‘hopefully’ obtain the things in my life that I’ve been waiting for since I was a little girl: a house, husband, and babies.  I want to be a wife and mother.  I want the American dream of having a family in a beautiful house and am in the process of that with my amazing boyfriend but neither of us will move forward if we are stuck at dead end jobs or if I post-pone for school for another three years.  I’m taking this as a sign from the Heavens that things are going to start getting better as the year 2012 has been a bitch.

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