1st Debate.

Since I’m clearly a few days late I’m just going to key in on this minimally   I feel like I’ve declared an obvious stand for Obama based on my own research and information but I still wanted to tune into the debate as I honestly know very little about Romney aside from the hearsay.  My opinions towards him weren’t far off though.  First off, Romney has this awkward whisper talk which makes me feel like he’s not trustworthy.  It’s like a mix between a raspy smokers voice and a whisper. Ugh. Although I felt that Obama looked tired and not as prepared as he should have been, I do like that he got to the point on many of the subjects.  He’s usually very poised and in “speech ready” mode but he looked as if he was tired or there was something bothering him.  However, I was almost disgusted by Romney.  It pissed me off to none other that he avoided the questions in every way he could.  He just ran the clock and filled it with nonsense.  Clear example: When he was speaking about the social security for the young people.  All he noted was that there is nothing to worry about for the younger generation and that he’s got a plan or something of that sort.  But when asked about it and/or to elaborate he changed the subject.  I know that I’m nowhere near retirement age and I’m already not very hopeful that I’ll even get to retire because of Americas financial issues but when a Presidential Candidate is avoiding to answer a rather simple question; why dodge the bullet.
Although I do agree that Romney was more prepared and confident in this first debate, I do not stand by him on any topics or views because he seems as if he can’t be trusted.  Not that any political individual can but I do think that Obama is softer and is more relatable to the nation as a whole.  

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