Fall Frenzy.

I still haven’t gotten around to blogging about some new and interesting topics both in my life and the world around us. Once life slows down a bit, I’ll need to catch up on my crazy thought process. I want to throw a special shout out to the people that do read my blog though.  I’ve gotten a small amount of emails in the last month or so from people that I know that actually do read my posts and compliment my writing style as well as the topics that I discuss. I’ve been going through some internal changes this entire year and I have to thank not only the people around me helping me through things but also the hidden community of the world wide web. Although I don’t get much feedback on specific topics, I do find that blogging is a good release for me to let off steam and sort through certain things. So again, thanks to those of you that keep up and get a glimpse in my sometimes cruel, happy, sad, scary, blissful mind.

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