Minnesota VOTE NO!

Since I’m a North Dakotan resident this voting season, I want to take a second to stress the importance of voting to my fellow Minnesotan people. There are so many important reasons to vote this year among one of the most important is for the presidential seat. But what’s more important on a personal level for so many Minnesotans is the equality of marriage. Love comes in so many different forms and faces. It comes to us through acts of kindness, feelings of doubt, at times when we don’t deserve it, and the most important moments in our lives. To some people marriage may just be a signature on a piece of paper signed 25 years ago but to so many of the people we see everyday that are a part of the LGBT community, marriage is a significant piece of history that wants to be embraced on the deepest level possible. Being able to marry the one person that you feel complete with shouldn’t be given the cold shoulder and shouldn’t be hated by the most bigoted of people. So please, Minnesota; vote NO on November 6th. Even if you don’t know anyone personally and haven’t seen it first hand, please show your support. I CANNOT stand seeing the people that I love and know go through another day knowing that the one thing that people look forward to when planning their lives as little boys and girls can’t be fulfilled because a few thousand people don’t want to support them. Please, VOTE NO. If not for me, do it for the future generation.

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