Say "Pickles!"

No one and I mean no one can say they like their drivers license picture. It’s like the equivalent of a DUI mugshot or something. Now, going into this I knew that I’d look a little goofy. My eyes would probably be bug eyed, a cheesy smile, or even a stray hair. I was defiantly not preparing for what I received today. They made me take my glasses off and push my head back towards the wall. First of all, I don’t stand like that. No one does. So step one was to make me look unrecognizable I guess. Step two was obviously to blind me with the idiotic flash. Fast forward to the finished product. I legitimately look like a stone cold killer. A murderer. In the photo, I display at least two chins and because my glasses are off and I didn’t bother wearing eye make up today; I look high as a kite. Beautiful. A photo like this would make a bar owner call security when getting drinks. It’ll probably even scare off future business endeavors. Good thing I’m moving to a new place in June. I fully intend on updating my address at that time.

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