March For Babies.

Donate Today!
Here are just a few things that your donation proceeds will go to:

·  Salk Polio Vaccine  · 
·  PKU Testing  · 
·  NICU Nurse Education  · 
·  Neonatal Intensive Care Units In Hospitals  · 
·  Lifesaving Surfactant Therapy· 
·  Ultrasounds  · 
·  Sonograms  · 
·  Newborn Screening Testing  · 
·  Research for FAS & Sickle Cell Anemia  · 

The March Of Dimes, March For Babies foundation is dedicated to helping every single baby born to be happy and healthy. Currently the amount of pre-mature babies born in Minnesota and North Dakota are 1 in 10. There are 64 pre-mature babies born every hour in the United States alone and that’s too many.  I hope you are able to contribute to this amazing cause. It is very close to my heart and I believe that even with the smallest of donations each contribution can save millions of lives.

I’m going to be walking in the March of Dimes, March for Babies cause on Saturday, April 20th and I’d like to take a second to ask you to help support this amazing foundation. Through a donation to the March of Dimes, you can save and help millions of babies across the United States!
“If you’ve ever had a baby, held a baby, or been a baby; March of Dimes has been a part of your life!”
My Personal Page – Help me reach my goal to support the healthy lives of babies!
How Does Your Donation Help?
For More Information About March Of Dimes March For Babies:

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