Re-reading that, some might think I’m anti-love but I’m not. I believe that love is one if the greatest things a person is blessed with. To endure and to give love is an amazing yet heartbreaking experience. Everyone deserves to be loved from deep inside their core to their fingertips and to the soles of their feet. Love is powerful and can move mountains but if your being realistic, it can also flood seas and kills dreams. Point being; love fully, wholeheartedly, and most of all love truly. Any heartbreak will be well worth the feeling of joy in the best of times. Parents and family members die, children go to college, girls will move on, and men will have affairs but you’ll never know if your the victim until you’ve loved. Love and live, no one has ever said they don’t love being loved. Unless of course they are ignorant and haven’t found the unwritten wisdom behind it. 

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