Keep Calm.

Breathe In. Breathe Out. Try It.
I’ve been focusing a lot the last few weeks on meditation and reflecting on life. Within the last month or so my professional life has gone from slow and steady, comfortable and stress free to a whirlwind of a promotion, stress shooting through the roof, and opportunities that are far from limited. 
Now, I’m a perfectionist. I’m very competent in my professional life and I work best if my perfectionist of an environment is as organized as my brain is. However, since I had very little time to prepare for my new working lifestyle, I’ve had to put some of my nit-picking organizational skills aside which of course has made my thought pattern chaotic in a sense. Granted, if you were to review my desk it’s still in check but obviously not to my liking.
In turn of not being able to control the rapid movement of time throughout the day and overtime really isn’t a desired recommendation in my workplace, I go home stressed. I find myself just wanting to be at work finishing projects, organizing my life, and weeding through my overloaded inbox. 
I decided, with the help of my mom, to reflect on life. My life in general has gone from point A to point B to point C and so on faster than I had realized. Taking just three minutes and sitting there, eyes closed, and focused on something or focused on nothing has improved my stress levels dramatically. To be quite honest, I had no intention of this working. My mom actually challenged me to meditate and turn my brain off even just for a minute and I did. 

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