Karma. Karma. Karma.

I’m not one to call other women “names” but you, you my dear are a whore. A downright sleazy ball of a skank. There really isn’t any better way to put it. You have a nice home with a big yard and a dog, an adoring husband, and beautiful, absolutely beautiful children. That, apparently isn’t enough.

Number fucking one, you are the grossest squish faced cabbage patch looking women I’ve ever seen. That’s not cute. You’re not cute. So what the fuck is the deal? Does your husband know that you go after other men? It doesn’t matter to you does it if they are single, in a relationship, married, or your boss. The bigger the challenge the better right? Wrong. Home-wrecker.

I really fucking hope that karma bites you so hard in the ass one day. I hope that your husband leaves you and takes every single piece of life that you love and have had given to you away. You don’t deserve it. You don’t deserve that beautiful country yard, you don’t deserve those kids, heck you don’t deserve the clothes on your back.

There’s been many people in everyone’s lives that have come and gone. Some are downright angels and others are the sons and daughters of satan. We get over it, we move on but I just can’t move past knowing how rotten of a human you are. Just writing this makes me want to push you off of a bridge. Ugh.

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