WordPress or Blogger?

I’m debating on whether to start a new blog or not. My initial intentions for this blog are nowhere near where I thought they’d be. It was supposed to be about a healthier me. Both physically and mentally. If you’ve even paid attention to a fifth of the blog; you know damn well that’s not what it’s turned out to be. I started out right, then I delve into personal topics that might have gone deeper than intended. Sometimes I’d blog about current events or the people in my life but it’s never really gone anywhere. I wasn’t really expecting anything to happen or to aquire a following. Ultimately, I think that I was just hoping that someone was out there for me. Someone to listen. An overwhelmingly large population of people have a access to view this at any time of the day yet not a single person actually knows me. The real me. My parents, boyfriend, brothers, they know me but they don’t. I need to, I want to relate to people. 

Obviously a huge chunk of this emptiness is my own fault. I chose not to be outgoingly social. I won’t get into that right now but what am I doing with this blog? I love to write but this isn’t a platform that I can expirment with my creativity. Or is it? There’s only really been a handful of posts over the last 2 years that actually hold any well written pieces. 
You know, I think I will keep this one going. Maybe change the format or something but down the thin gravel road of life this might be able to be used as the evolution of someone that doesn’t have direction to be found. Or maybe I’ll start a new blog. 

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