All We Have Is Right Now.

In a sense, this weekend was kindly humbling. I’ve been so caught up in the bullshit of everyday life for so long that I really haven’t taken the time to take a seat and enjoy the tiny wonders of life. My intention  today was to make a quick trip to Fargo and buy a rug that I’ve had my eye on for some time, grab some lunch with my brother, and head home which I did. But we had a few pitstops on the way. Nick wanted to show me a few places he’s been since moving to Fargo. Hey, why not!

On other occasions, I might have been a little exasperated but been fine with it. This time though, I was excited. Maybe it’s age, I don’t know, but it absolutely warmed my heart that my brother and I have always had such a great relationship. Of course, I’ve always known and acknowledged it but for some reason I just got such a “feel good” feeling deep in my gut. We cruised around downtown a bit, planked our way to the top of a parking ramp and back down. He pointed out a few bars and pubs he’s been to since joining the 21 and up club, and we simply got lost going up and down the streets. It was pleasantly relaxing just exchanging stories and laughs.

For no other reason than being selfish, I haven’t taken the time to visit family members throughout the years. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family but I’ve always just found something else to do or have always ran out of time. The excuses just like everyone else, are limitless. Given that my time was in fact running short because I needed to be back home by 5, we still made time to stop at my Uncle Troy’s and visit. Nothing extraordinary happened or was discussed in casual conversation but it was nice to see them. It was good to feel love and kindness from family that we don’t see often. Not that anyone lives too terribly far away but as the time passes, people get busy.

We keep moving minute by minute, day by day without stopping and taking a break. There’s many times if I look back where I could have “made time” to stop and see people or even to display a random act of kindness but opted not to simply because my mind was too busy doing or focusing on something else. In turn, I’m sure we’ve all missed so many wonderful opportunities that we’ve had simply because life is life. We’re busy.

I guess what this really comes down to is that I was reminded today of the importance of taking a breath and appreciating the people around me and the life that I have. Between the freedom to drive to memorable conversations with my brother to the unconditional love of my Aunt and Uncle, I’m appreciated and I should return that gesture to others more often than just “knowing” it.

So, thank you Sunday.

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