Peace And _______.

I usually don’t like being alone. Not that I need and can’t function without someone by my side but more along the lines of just having someone around or in the general area. It probably stems back to always being afraid that something scary is behind me or about to happen. I’m not going get into that though. The last couple of days I’ve actually had quite a bit of actual alone time. Not physically by myself in a building or anything but I’ve just made a point for quiet. I kept the TV off this weekend when I cleaned and packed the apartment and now on my lunch, it’s peaceful. Usually my weekends are full of multi-tasking and a lot of TV time. 99% of my lunch breaks usually consist of driving around and running errands. But not today. Today, I’m sitting in the big comfy chair at the downtown Subway. Light rock in the background and nothing to worry about. You should try it sometime, it’s nice. 

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