Left Brain VS. Right Brain

I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve and now is about time I spread my wings and share them. I’ve been really digging deep for inspiration in different areas in my life. I took a quick dip in a little idea over the weekend but decided that wasn’t the route that I wanted to go. We won’t get into that but lets just say, I value honesty and a huge chunk of that was lacking if I would have pursued it any further.
I want to dive into my creative side, see if it’s still there. I don’t quite know what I’ll excel at down the road but I hope that it’s something fantastic and fulfilling. As you know I’ve always been interested in writing but I haven’t made a point of pursuing anything passionate in a very long time. I guess my start was this and I tried a few different avenues but I feel that there’s so much history to this blog in particular that I can’t branch out any further. The tree is done growing.
With that said, in the next month or so I plan to branch out and either create a new blog or two from and through Blogger or I might even jump across the pond and give WordPress a shot. Either way, I plan to have a specific topic to focus on. This will hopefully, in turn, make sharing and broadcasting more efficient as well. 
I’m sure I’ll continue to post on here with updates or random happenings but my coming inspiration will include something similar to the following:
I have a few under my belt. I’ll include step by step and how-to processes as I go. I also plan to make certain projects in bulk. My hope is to start selling locally at craft and home shows. If it proves to be a success, I could potentially branch out to http://www.etsy.com.
I, along with the rest of the modern 20-something crowd, love photography. I don’t and will never claim to be an expert or great at it but I am proud of the photos I take. I may sound over confident, but I have come across many a handful of “photographers” that label themselves as such but they can’t take a decent portrait or landscape. There are a few things that I want to work on and improve not only in the world I’ll be looking into but on a personal level. I want to gain knowledge in photo editing as well as quality. Many photos that I take look excellent on both the camera screen and the computer but I’ve never actually printed any large scale photos. Are they good in quality or grainy? Ultimately my goal in a photography blog would be to express myself through a visual sense, for people to see that, and for people to want it. I’d love to one day be able to sell blown up versions of my pictures and know that they are somewhere hanging up in someones living room.
After proofreading this post, I had a light bulb moment. A single blog with different tabs. I suppose that’s what most people would refer to as a website, huh? About Me. My Mission. How-To. Photography. Store. Ect. Now you’ve got me thinking!

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