My Boyfriend’s Work Hours Are More Irregular Than A Fast Food Junkies Bowels.

I guess I haven’t really been up to much lately other than working. Ironically enough, I’m only posting this because I actually have a couple long awaited days off for the first time in my career. It’s nice; relaxing but kind of boring. I’ve been off since Friday and am going back earlier then planned the day after Christmas. I did everything I needed to do on Friday so I’ve quite literally been bored out of my mind since then. I’m stuffed to the brim on Christmas shows, the gifts are all wrapped, the apartment is clean, and now I just wait for Tuesday to roll around so I can dive into my first “hosting” premiere.
I’m sure it’s quite obvious that I haven’t gotten around to exploring other blogging avenues. I wanted to finish my first project before going ahead with it. My first project to say the least is at a stand still. Lets just say that magnetic paint and plywood doesn’t seem to work after all. I have an alternate plan but with work and the holidays, I am too wiped out to make it a priority. 
I guess I do HAVE time to follow up on interests of mine but every time I walk into the door each evening I get blind sided by the couch that’s calling my name and the devil on my shoulder is always crying “Be Lazy! Be Lazy!” Of course I give in, everyone does. Right?
So again, here goes my ramble of excuses about why I don’t start new things and make my dreams come true. This times pick out of the hat is the holidays. Like I said, it’ll be my first time hosting and not like my family will disown me if it doesn’t turn out but it’s more a prove to myself kind of thing that I can bake a meal for 7 or 8 people in comparison to the usual 2.
I’d like to say once the food is made, the cookies are eaten, and the presents are opened that I’ll get on it with pursing things that make me tick but who am I kidding? It gets dark at 4:30, my boyfriend’s work hours are more irregular than a fast food junkies bowels, and I feel like my work life is taking over all of my thoughts. I cherish my job, I really do but I can’t help but think about the next day and the next week even after I shut my computer down each night. It’s a good thing I suppose, work ethic and all.  
I’ve been thinking a lot about my New Years resolutions for 2014. After all, this whole blog was initially started due in part to making a New Years resolution or twelve. I don’t know, I really don’t think I’m going to go with the “lose weight” mantra this year. It’s the typical go to and quite frankly it’s probably the most broken resolution in the history of man (or woman). I think it’s been one of my many resolutions for the last…10 years and every year is a big fail. Yeah, it’d be great to grow some balls of motivation but maybe it’ll just come as a side dish to 2014. Sort of like an added bonus if I focus on things that make me happy rather than the one thing that holds me back.
I’ve got something up my sleeve but I want to think on it some more because I don’t want it to be just this one thing I do. I want this to truly mean something. 2014 may be the first year that I can live up to a New Years resolution. 
And with that, I’ll leave you with a “g’day mate.”

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