So Long, Farewell.

Just as every book has a beginning; they all have ends. Or sequels. Regardless of the analogy, this road has officially come to a dead end. There are things in this blog that I’m proud of and things that I’d rather just forget. 
I firmly believe that every single moment in our lives can be used as a learning experience and that is honestly the main reason that I’m not hiding or deleting certain posts that I’ve published in the past. 
It’s been pretty mild and uneventful for some time now but prior to filtering my thoughts into the blogosphere, I may have shared too much. But it doesn’t matter, it is what it is.
Before this drags on too much longer, I’d just like to re-direct everyone to my new blog ( It’s a work in progress and I hope you stick with me while I try to figure out what my main focus will be. It’s a new year, might as well start a new blog and press refresh.
See you around.

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