I wonder if I should add reading to my list of twenty fourteen goals. I haven’t been fully engulfed in a good read in such a long time that I feel my imagination is weakening. I blame smartphones. Of course I do, everyone does. Before them, I’d read for hours and hours. I’d finish a book in a couple days instead of a couple months. Back then, I’d rather tune into the next page than the next TV show. The sad thing is “back then” wasn’t really that long ago.

Now everything I read isn’t anymore than 140 charactors or a paragraph somewhere bouncing around in space. I’m constatntly connected to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, the list goes on and on and on. A rediculous amount of “on” to be honest. There are so many books that I have on my bucket list. Anything from The Great Gatsby to Henry Bouche, Ojibwa. I love reading or I should maybe say “loved” since it’s become past tense. It’s a goal I’m willing to gamble with though.

I’ve been tossing around the idea of buying Kindle or a Nook recently. The easibility would make it worth while but not having a physical copy of the book is the biggest downfall. I don’t know about any of you but I pride myself in the book collection, mini library that I have. Maybe if I tear a page out of my brother Nick’s way of thinking I could make it work.

When I think of Nick, I think of music. All kinds of music. Everything from the Swinging Sixties to Bob Marley to Tom Petty to Eminem and so on. It’s his passion, his way of life. To accomodate to both his passion and the raging war of musical revolution he’s developed a pretty good system. In a time where music is in it’s prime digital age, Nick always and I mean ALWAYS buys the actual CD. Sure, he’ll get the digital versions in his own which way but to stay true to his patronage in music, he always supports the artist by buying thier album.

Why couldn’t I do that with books? Purchase it on a Kindle and in the physical format? Sure it might add a handful of extra green than just the plain ol’ pre-2000’s way of reading but gaining the imagination and whimsical way a good book makes you feel would almost certainly be worth it.

A once bucket list item is now a goal. Here’s to reading ourselves silly!

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