Take It Or Leave It.


I’ve reverted back to “A Working Title.” Very temporarily named “More Than A Freckle-Faced, Four-Eyed, Red-Headed Little Girl,” I realized that wasn’t what I wanted to put forward into the world. At the time, I think I just wanted to be seen and heard at a more real tense in life.

For so long, most of the people in my life have seen me as the ginger girl in high school, the shy co-worker, or the first-born daughter, grandchild, and niece. I know that I’m more than that, but if people can’t get past the clouded memories of a child that never grew up than I suppose it’s their own loss. Right?

I’m a 24-year old woman. I’m a writer. I have opinions and a love for photography. I’m shy and outgoing simultaneously. My thoughts run so deep that sometimes I don’t have words for the things I want to say. I love, I speak, and most of all – I have grown up into an independent thinking person. And I’m finally ready to rid the past opinions of myself. My life is a work in progress, thus the name of the blog. Take it or leave it.

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