Tiny Dancer.


I’ve been looking back at old posts from my blogger site and have debated on whether or not I’m going to re-post some of them onto this blog. I ran into a few about my brother, Nick. Throughout my entire life, the middle child Nick, has been my literal life support.

We’re 2 1/2 years apart and even though our lives are just beginning to take us into different directions of the world, he still is one of the few people that I’ve always looked up to. He was my first best friend and will be my last. I’ve had people come and go throughout the years just like anyone else but a sibling can never be replaced. We can tell each other anything and everything without judgment. I know he’ll never give up on me nor I him.

I envy Nick in the way that he lives his life. He’s so full of it, life that is. He strives on his passions and continues to push on even when the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t always visible. He’s a do-er and I respect him for that. I could only wish to be even half as good of a person as he is.

This kid has helped me through the worst and the best of times in my life and I’d like to say that I’ve been there for him too. It’s so difficult to maintain such a close relationship as we get older but I don’t think any amount of time could alter the bond that we’ve come to have. Whenever we are able to see each other I’m reminded of so many happy and positive things in my life. He’s down to earth and is able to ground even the most “strung out on stress” person. There’s a sense of intoxication from being able to laugh and share memories for hours and hours. Music blasting and laughing in the car until we cry makes everything else in the world temporarily disappear. It’s so easy to build a positive character when you have someone to turn to, someone to look up to.

Tonight, a cheers to my brother Nick.

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