At least once a week someone makes a comment about the music I listen to based off of the silliest of things. The most recent goes as follows: I came into work yesterday and someone asked if I was excited to go to Wiz Kahlifa. [I won tickets] Naturally, I said yes. I was then told “Yeah, I figured you listened to that because your music is always loud when you come to work.”

Uh, okay? What am I supposed to say to that? Just because my music is up, I definitely listen to Wiz Kahlifa? Or is it rap or hip hop or black people or what? What does loud music have to do with genre?

For anyones information, I listen to just about anything. I can turn on the Beatles when I leave my house and be listening to Kenny Chesney by the time I park in the alley at work. The volume has nothing to do with who I listen to. At all.

Sometimes I want to scream so I listen to Alesana. Sometimes I want to cry so I listen to Hootie. Sometimes I miss my boyfriend so I listen to Jon Legend. Sometimes I want to remember the rain in 2008 so I listen to Metro Station. And sometimes, when people just don’t get me, I’ll listen to Spill Canvas.

The thing is, I get the same comment or reaction on a weekly if not daily basis. Are you telling me that I’m the only one that turns up the stereo in my car? That I actually use it for what it was designed to do? To be loud?

Give me a fucking break.

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