You Didn’t Seen Nothing.

Does that even make sense? No it doesn’t. So why do you insist on saying it? Why do people feel it be unnecessary to use proper grammar? We live in America for Gods sake. A country that should pride itself in our ever changing, complicated language. We should know it by heart. Yet, after the required and minimum twelve years of schooling where we continuously learn the same thing year after year, still people fail to use it correctly.

I’m not perfect. I often will google the correct way to use “then, than, affect, and effect.” Sometimes I’ll use commas rather than semicolons because I prefer the sentence to be read that way. I’m aware of what I write. I proofread. Other than that, I do my damn best.

We live in a world where everything is available in seconds so why not put forth more effort into your fucking grammar? I’m not even talking the tough stuff. I’m talking about the simple shit. Capitalize your damn sentences and use punctuation. You know those little red lines under every other word? That means your words are spelled wrong, dipshit. If I could collect a penny for every grammatical error I’ve ever caught; I’d be a goddamn millionaire.

My jaw just drops when I see these kind of errors not only on social media where people publicly make themselves look like idiots but even on the professional front. In all the years [which haven’t been very many] that I’ve been working via email, I notice more and more people getting lazy with their grammar. “Cuz” is not a word. Neither is “ty.” That is supposed to mean thank you for those still stuck on it. Come on people. No wonder our nation is failing on the educational front. The Chinese may not speak perfect English but they sure as hell are proficient in their native tongue. In America, we’re still taking remedial English courses in college because we failed the Accuplacer. Yet, in England, children are learning Latin by age 10.

Try a little harder. Do a little better. Seem a little smarter.

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