Life Lessons From A Book.

Today has been much better than the last four. I felt like I was going in an acute spiral down. One thing after another. Pow, slap in the face. Oh, wait, here’s another bullshit thing to happen. What? Did I really just wash your phone in the laundry?

One. Thing. After. Another.

I really should have been thankful though. It wasn’t until yesterday evening that I became thankful of my shitty happenings. Although the last week kind of blew and the last few years have been full of fast pitches to the face but at least I’m not dying right?

How morbid, I know.

But I’ve been reading “The Fault In Our Stars.” 168 pages last night alone to be exact and in case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s about being the side effect of cancer. Dying, it’s a side effect of cancer. And after feeling so bad about the crappy week and asking myself “why me” I had to stop and shake out the negativity.

Even though it sometimes finds me when I’m not even looking for it (yes, I do know people that “look” for negativity). I don’t need to let crappy moments ruin my day because I have nothing to really bitch about. I’m not dying. I’m not a side effect (yet and hopefully never). I have no reason to dwell or to be angry.

Today’s been a good day and I hope yours has been too.

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