Selfie Or Helpie?

I’ve noticed a phenomenon on Facebook feeds around the area. This has been happening for about a year now but more recently more and more people have followed suit. The topic at hand here – is pre and post workout pictures being blasted all over social media.

I feel indifferent about this. On one hand, I get it. So many “inspirational leaders” are showing off their goods because they want you to jump on the bandwagon. To get healthy and fit. They are proud of themselves and are bound and determined to show you, your mother, brother, teacher, and co-workers that they can do the same.

I’m new to the workout and eating right world. And when I say new, I mean old. I’ve been trying to get into the swing of things since I was in 4th grade when I was put on my first “diet.” However, over the last 7 or so weeks, I started something new and I’m currently down 17.6 pounds and making progress. Go me!! But I’m nowhere near the “show my stomach on Facebook” progress though. That’ll never happen.

Getting a little side-tracked here. But I get it. I get that a good 10 of you on Facebook are Beachbody coaches. Your job is to help and encourage others to do the same as you, try as hard as you, look as good as you. It’s motivating. Sometimes.

But other times, it’s annoying. You’re flat stomach still looks the same as it looked yesterday and the day before. It even looks the same as the day you started. I don’t really think this has to do with “jealously” of the thin and famous. It’s more along the lines of wanting to see someone that has actually gone through a transformation struggle. Not someone that has always been an athlete, or slim built, or naturally born with metabolism.

Just an observation I guess. I do follow most of the people, not for the results but for the encouraging words. Most of them post a picture of their fabulous physique but they also talk about the struggle of making yourself workout and making yourself eat right and making yourself choose life rather than death.

I guess sometimes I just don’t know if they are actually “helping” people because they want to and that’s what drives them or if they are just excited to take a selfie and show off. Every. Single. Day. Considering that we live in a primarily narcissistic world, it’s hard to tell the difference.

4 thoughts on “Selfie Or Helpie?

  1. I have seen these beachbody coaches (1 in particular). She is posting constant pictures of herself flexing, work-out regimes,and healthy food on FB. Every day is a new pic and/or motivational quote/speech. She preaches about wanting to help people… she even brings her 7 yr old son into her regimes. Then she shows off the beachbody products. I agree her before/after pic hardly looks different. She posts comments about why (scientifically) exercise and eating healthy is beneficial… as thought anyone can’t just google it on any day. I have a hard time believing she is doing it genuinely to help people. Just the whole preaching and talking about it on fb takes away from the credibility. I think most of it is driven by money and self-image. I knew when she was younger she was one of those girls who had a whopping amount of male “friends”. She was always dating/sleeping around… I just think she was always an attention seeking individual. She was also the type to break up with her bfs (even ones she brought home to her parents) over the phone and never took accountability. She’d always blame them and throw them away like a pair of dirty socks.

    One of her posts was “I want to inspire people.. I want someone to look at me and say “because of YOU I didn’t give up”. Sorry but this sounds selfish, and proves that you are only in it for YOURSELF. ”

    Anyway enough of my rant… I can’t speak for and ll beachbody coaches..just a couple.

    • Thank you for this! This was an old post so I had to re-read it for myself, glad I did. I agree with your stance and am glad that I’m not the only once that interprets Beachbody and other programs like that this way. Thanks so much for reading, Mel!

  2. To answer your comment about wether some do it to genuinely help others, or do it out of narcissism. I would have to to it is the 2nd option. Not for all necessarily but many. For example many if these (mostly women) are providing information to people based on 0 education except an online article here and there, yet they really want to “help” people? Doubtful. The problem is that if they genuinely cared about the betterment of others they would be researching proper informatiin and getting educated in a credible manner. Telling people that exercise releases endorphines and is good for u is bad advice. Telling people nothing geeat comes within your comfort zone is bad advice… especially when u are advertising it on facebook. People are not even knocking on your door, you are throwing it in their face. You could be damaging someone with this… does this beachbody care? No. If you were genuine u would have figured this out before posting it.

    Endorphines are a chemical in your body that suppresses pain.. it is a drug in a sense. It is not something to be taken for granted. It is the drug that makes soldiers continue to fight when they have been wounded in war. Telling someone nothing great comes from your comfort zone, while showing off your body-image and workouts.. is saying to some people “nothing is great unless u are working out and looking good.” May be just enough to send that depressed person over a building. There is only 2 reasons for it… money and attention. Thry “love” doing it? This is your passion? Then why are u advertising it to the world? Those who can do, those who cant teach. Why are u professing it to me? Why are u shoving product in my face so u can make a buck? You love doing it?

  3. Also, some of these ppl are responding within seconds on fb. They have families (husbands, kids)… you can imaging these ppl who are so invested in themselves that they constantly have their phone in the face, telling the world about their virtual selves,missing out on the true value of life that is right in front of them, their family.

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