Monsters Are Real.

Before reading my post, I would encourage you to read the news article connected to the topic to become familiar with what I’m going to say below. Click here for the report.

To be honest, I don’t have the energy to elaborate on this too much because I have so much anger and hatred spewing through every bone and vein in my body. I worked with this man and know his mannerisms. Although I never had any proof to file any kind of report, I believe in my gut instincts. We all did. They are there for a reason. And I can promise you 90% of the staff at the daycare felt the same way I did towards this disgusting piece of shit. Unfortunately, having a “feeling” isn’t grounds for termination or even review.

I could go on for hours and hours but I’ve already vented at length many times over the course of the year or so since finding out about his arrest. And to hear that he is free and clear of charges makes me absolutely livid. He is an admitted sex offender and he gets to walk the streets as if he isn’t.

It makes me sick to my stomach and I honestly wish I would have filed a report without proof when I worked at the daycare because it could have prevented those little girls from being abused and subjected to a life of pain and inability to trust. Even if it had effected me negatively, I would have known I had done the right thing for the future victims.

I really wish I could say that I can forgive people. I wish that I was incapable of wishing death upon people but I can say without a doubt of regret that I would be happy if he died tomorrow and was banished to hell. He admitted to the charges that were brought upon him and to blame a cop for doing his job is ludicrous.

This piece of shit is getting off because he suffered from some bullshit injury in infancy? How the fuck did he get two college degrees than? Why does God allow people like him to first be in this world to begin with and than second to continue living a life of pedophilia?

I will forever have those young girls in my heart and prayers for years to come and I truly hope that justice will be served somehow, someway.

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