A Working Title II..

Don’t forget to check out my other blogs. I’m learning to accept that multi-tasking gets harder when you pile on the tasks. If you find that it doesn’t appear that I’m posting or may have [forgotten] about this blog, don’t worry — I’m still in the blog-o-sphere somewhere. We checked out Winterfest this weekend, you can read my full report here. I’ll post my other two blogs below. They are really both kind of the same with the same content overall. The posts are separated along a different timeline though because they are both work related.

A Working Title II – Official Areavoices blog through Forum Communications Company. All of my “work” posts go on this blog and occasionally are duplicated on the one below.

New inTown by Ori – Another FCC blog through our local inMagazine publication. More focused on Bemidji-centric content because of the title name.

(A Working Title) – This one is the “original” and is a more personalized blog with random ramblings and occasional outbursts. It is in no way affiliated with my job or career.

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