They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I don’t know if that’s exactly accurate. I think absence leaves a hole that’s impossible to fill. But I do agree with making the heart grow fonder part, it probably just needs a disclaimer added to it. An asterisk some would say.

Last week my mom and I went to Fargo to visit my brother, Nick. Man, does time pass faster than it should. I remember in 3rd grade how time went. Every day was a new day, nothing too exciting going on back then. But the first day of 4th grade and ever since, time has sped up. I don’t know what clicked in my head to realize that, but it sucks.

I hadn’t seen Nick since Christmas and honestly, we hadn’t talked much since then either. You’d think living in 2015, people would be able to keep in contact much more than decades past but that’s simply untrue. No matter how much texting and tweeting and facebooking and calling there is available at our fingertips – that good ol’ “time moves too fast” thing keeps kicking us in the ass. It’s a two way street. We’re all too busy living our own lives. Too busy watching too much TV, hanging out with friends. Too busy growing up.

The great thing about sibling-hood though, is that we’re always there for each other. I can’t help to notice that each time we get together, the bond is a little less each time. Nothing will ever compare to growing up and the relationships we’ve formed but every day, week, month that passes – we evolve more and more into our new worlds. We focus on our jobs, our romantic relationships, our friendships, our lives.

Even though this all sounds sad and mopey, it isn’t. I’m proud of Nick, and Logan too. They’re growing up to be great men. They have so much potential in their young lives and I only wish them the best happiness life could offer. I’m still trying to “find my way” and I really really hope that they’re able to find theirs too. Sooner than it’s taken me.

And I also hope that we don’t grow apart too much. I think it just will take a little effort, time, and money to make the trips to visit, take the time to listen, and reach out even when we think we’re “too” of whatever we think is important at the moment.

I’ve shared a few pictures below from lunch with Nick and mom before we headed home. Aren’t they the cutest?!

20150222_08214220150222_083047(0)20150222_083123P.S. I do a spell check before I post, why isn’t “texting” a word yet?

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