America Works.

A couple weeks ago I blogged about a few goals that I wanted to start achieving. One of them included writing a few times a week and taking as many pictures as time could possibly allow. Well, I’ve been doing both. I haven’t posted a lot on here the last week or so because I’ve been taking an unconventional route to “writing.” It’s not entirely unconventional, just to me. I seem to have been crushed on time lately between work and life and this damn daylight savings time bullshit..

So, I’ve been writing notes using an app on my phone. They’ve just been short little things here and there, thoughts. It usually happens when I’m driving and we all know that your train of thought gets interrupted by the time a pen and paper are in reach so I just use the microphone button and talk to myself. High tech shit right there.

After looking through some of the things I’ve chatted to myself about, I think I’d like to incorporate some of my random ramblings into short stories. Last night I watched a few episodes of the newest House of Cards season. In the show, this author has been following Kevin Spacey’s character around for awhile now. He’s writing a book about America Works – a fictional employment strategy to get every American a job. Throughout one of the episodes last night, the show would jump in and out of the author reading the prologue to the book. It was a short story about Underwood as a boy. A fictional short story, but a metaphor to real life. It was really intriguing. I think that is what I like most about it. It’s not a biography because it’s completely fictional but it is a biography because it’s a collection of analogy’s to what’s really going on.

I’ve also been taking a lot more pictures than usual to build a collection up. I have a few ideas in the works as to how to display some of the things I want to have going on in the long run. I thought about a photography blog, an etsy account, ect. I haven’t quite decided yet. I take a lot of photos of my family whenever I see them and I usually don’t get around to posting them on Facebook. I don’t want to flood my “friends” newsfeeds and potentially embarrass some of my family members – but in my defense, they shouldn’t make funny faces. Right?

More to come. And exciting things are in the works of which I’ll share in a few weeks when plans are finalized!

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