Oh, The Places We’ll Go.

As you may or probably may not know, my mom and I are taking our first ever Mother Daughter Trip. I’d like to say we’ve given it an official name, but we haven’t.
I’m totally a name person. I like things to be labeled. Easier to remember I guess since I kind of figure that I’m genetically predisposed alzheimers. But that’s getting a little morbid so well move on..
Sometime in February, I think we decided that we’re going to take a trip. We’re not usually trip takers mainly because we’re inexperienced as such.  But both of us are world travelers at heart. Belive me, if traveling was inexpensive, I’d be out of here in a flash.
I wasn’t going to blog while on vacation because I wasn’t bringing my computer and blogging from my phone isn’t always ideal because I hate its autocorrect and incorrect spell check. It’s also tough to format through a 6″ device that may or may not error out.  So, don’t give this grammar nazi a hard time — it’s technologies fault not mine.
Stay tuned for a mini-series of the inaugural Mother Daughter Trip of 2015!


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