Day 3: At The Corner Of Happy & Healthy

It’s dark out in Chi-Town and we’re back on a train to Indiana after an eventful and exciting day.

Up until this point (I’m 25 going on 90), I’ve kind of lived a sheltered life. As a kid, we didn’t go on vacations or go camping. We grew up in a town with 2,000 full blood Scandinavians. My idea of a summer vacation was babysitting my cousin Bella in Warroad and I was cool with that. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized I’m an extreme breed of novice at traveling the ocean blue.

Chicago is — for lack of a better word — cool. Imagine being 5 years old and walking (or running) into Legoland at the MOA. One of those mind-blown moments for sure.

First, we were lost. A lost that had us saying “What the hell did we get ourselves into?” It was nothing like the train station we boarded in Indiana. Eventually we found our way and turns out, I read maps up side down. Would would have thought?

The Hop On, Hop Off tour was facinating. The skyscrapers just kept coming. We decided to sit on the top floor of the open top double decker the entire time. I don’t even have words. I’m sure I sound silly because I’m not well traveled but no matter how much I travel in my lifetime, anything like this will wow me time and time again. I had to have taken hundreds of photos today so if you want to spend the time to go through them, let me know. I’ll probably be over the moon to share them with you.

We checked out Willis Tower and stood on The Ledge. That was exhilarating. I could have stayed there all day just admiring the layout of the city. The staff was unhelpful and kind of rude but the experience was one to remember.

We headed back to the tour and planned on checking out Navy Pier but it was getting late so we weren’t able to stop. I’ll definitely want to come back here one day to ride the Ferris Wheel and of course, join the Yacht Club. 😉

We also checked out Millennial Park and Block 37. Oh and by the way, Chicago has an abundance of Walgreens. They are everywhere. One even sells fresh sushi.

By the end of the day, I actually felt like I had an idea of where I was going. I would love to come here again for more than just a day and continue exploring. Who’s coming with me?








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