Day 4: Time Travel Is Real

It was rainy today but we headed over to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore because it was on our bucket list. We prayed the rain away for a little bit and thankfully God heard our prayers. For about 20 minutes we hung out at the tip of Lake Michigan, collected some sand, and walked along the shore. It was refreshing but cold.


imageWe then left creepy ol’ Chesterton, IN (the hotel gave me the creeps) and headed towards Holland, MI. We stopped for lunch at an Italian cafe called Brewster’s in New Buffalo, MI which is my moms maiden name and my cousins first name. I think my mom liked it okay but I wasn’t really impressed. The outside and signage was the coolest part. Maybe I’m not fancy enough to enjoy fine Italian dining. Somewhere in there we (for the first time) hit the Eastern Time Zone. It honestly was kind of a bummer, we totally lost an hour.

imageBUT, we eventually made it to quaint little Holland, MI where Dutch seems to be spoken fluently. Everyone working in the Dutch themed village of Windmill Island was dressed in full historical garb and it was pretty cool to see. The craziest part was to imagine that just 24 hours earlier we were roaming the streets of Chicago. What!

Although it was damp and gloomy, we ventured out anyways. The beautiful tulips were as vibrant as ever with the cloudy overlay of the day. It was really neat. The main attraction there is a 251 year old windmill. They refer to it as De Zwaan. I don’t know if that’s a name or a brand. They also had a little mock city street. It reminded me of the Pioneer Village in Roseau growing up. There was a gift shop with souvenirs including wooded clogs and fudge.

imageI don’t know if I should bother explaining this next part but if you are of the Eminem generation, you know what 8 Mile means. So of course, for both my sake and my brothers sake, I had to stop and take a picture by the iconic 8 Mile Road sign. Obviously, it’s not the one Em references (that’s in Detroit) but it’s as close as I’m going to get!

By the end of the night, we had made our way to Big Rapids, MI where we decided to clock out and go to the local movie theater. I had been DYING to watch Age of Adeline and it was worth the wait. Great movie.

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