My Plan.

I’m in the process of trying to map out my summer bucket list AND my passions for writing and photography. I have a few things lined up that I’m straightening out in my brain. A sneak peak is listed below. I don’t have any timeline for this — just an endless list on my notes app in my phone. Hopefully I won’t lose my faithful 4 followers during my absence as of late.

1. Redesign and reorganize my blog layout by adding pages and tabs based on subject.

2. Create a new (2nd) blog but have it linked to this one through a tab. It’ll be presented as more of a “ghost writer” front. Something that I can use to build my presence professionally when it comes to writing and photography. Wouldn’t it be sweet to line up freelance work as a proofreader, title creator, or to sell prints?

3. Work on series pieces. Like “My Plan, My Week, My Humorous Self…” or the “12 Days of Christmas” series or my vacation series..

4. Make my way back to the North Shore (of MN), down to South Dakota and Iowa. Possibly venture a little more west in ND. (Super condensed version of a summer bucket list)

5. #OrganizeMyLife and blog the fuck out of it. Everyone and their millennial brother blogs about the struggles and successes of a millennial lifestyle but I feel like there isn’t yet a “me” so I plan to jump on that bandwagon before it’s too late.

6. Actually blog like I say I’m going to. I have about 30 topics on one of my many saved notes about things I need to say. I’ll get to it eventually. Promise.

7. Explore Fargo and all it has to offer. Think museums, Bluestem, food, architecture, zoos, parks.

8. On a same note, expand my photography portfolio. Actually — I should probably START a portfolio. I have 3 days to sign up for a free Lynda subscription and I’m going to take advantage of that shit before it’s too late.

Well, I have some errands to run so I’ll duck out for now. Stay tuned for a picture of our newest edition come Sunday. He or she (we don’t know yet) is the cutest fluff ball of kitty loving you’ll ever see.

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